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Finale: Interior

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Finale: Interior

Wow! Another one so soon?! Yes, we have made you wait long enough so here it all is in quick succession.

What you see: Our fireplace! It is a wall mount boat stove, heating up to 400 sqft. Those boxes usually hold kindling in the winter but for the warmer months we have converted them to bookshelves. 

What you see: Our living room! Our custom bookshelf and tilt and turn window. And the little cupboard in the corner is our electrical panel. 

What you see: A larger view of the living room. Evan made the coffee table (he made everything but you know..) out of live edge maple from Chilliwack and it extends up into a dining table.  The couches have storage throughout.

What you see: The entrance with blinds in the door. No dust for us!

What you see: A view of the living room from the loft.

What you see: Our loft. Carpet throughout, skylight, and crate storage.

What you see: Our loft view.

What you see: Custom drawers and Rosie's bed.

What you see: Me! And into the bathroom with pocket door.

What you see: Custom bathroom storage.

What you see: Toilet and more storage.


What you see: A full view of the loft/kitchen/bathroom 

What you see: Pantry, coffee bar, washing machine, and fridge.

What you see: Propane stove, sink, dishwasher.

What you see: View from the bathroom going the other way. Ten points if you spot the poodle!

We are very happy with the final product and very happy with the price. We have loved this adventure and we hope you enjoyed the process. If you have questions let us know. And if you are interested in building one, come on by for a tour! 

It will be very short.