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Finale: Exterior

Evan Lamb2 Comments

We have been living in the tH for a year now (since July 15, 2017) and we can say proudly that we still and continue to love it! Now the long awaited finished product. This is of the exterior of the house and in the very last post, we will present the interior and final-ish costs. And as always, ask questions in the comment section.



What you see: Well a gorgeous house, of course! This is the driveway view. The front window looks out from our living room. You can see the hitch, gardens, cow pasture and a gorgeous oak tree. Our deck is partially covered.

What you see: Our house faces south. We get the lovely morning sun, shade in the early afternoon, and hot evening sun. We are parked right next to a plum tree as you walk up the stairs. This side of the house holds the on demand hot water tank in the small shed on the back, and behind our house is the septic field, water hookup, and electrical. The window beside the shed is to the bathroom.

What you see: A closer view!

What you see: A deck, perfect for entertaining!

What you see: The bottom window leads into the kitchen, the top two are part of the loft. And we have an outside bar for entertaining.

What you see: The lovely plum tree and more of our yard.

What you see: The covered part of our deck and our entrance. We were going to make french doors but decided to go with one door and one large window for lots of light! Our covered area was built with recycled tin. It sounds nice in the rain! Also, ten points if you spot the poodle!

What you see: Summertime!


What you see: Summertime!

Again, if you have questions about what you see in the pictures, post in the comments!