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We are in: July 15, 2016!

Evan LambComment

One might say, wow, it's over. The house is done. You're in. What a happy ending!

Of course we were thrilled but there was alot happening in our personal lives around that time, and we rushed to move in and in our excitement, we pushed ourselves! We wanted summer in our new house at all costs. We had been packing for months, not sure of any specific date until the beginning of July when we decided July 15! All of our landlords were very flexible which was truly a gift. 

So this is how we moved in:

It was Friday night, we had family help us. We cleaned the house better than we moved in (good karma), and said goodbye as we locked the door. This is what we got on the way to our new home!

It was meant to be!

Evan had moved the house earlier that week from where he was building it to literally, across the driveway to its final resting place:

Isn't it cute!? It looks bare without the deck and garden! Everyone helped us unload but because we didn't have electricity or running water, or a toilet, we were celebrating in the dark for like 20 mins and then everyone went home. 

The next day was all about getting electricity, finishing the deck, hooking up appliances, and running water. 

Here are some moving in pics:

We are not showing photos of how messy we were but the process of transformation! So it may look like nothing but after showing the journey, there will be an expose of our final product, so look forward to that!

You are probably wondering what you're looking at. This was the 80 year old greenhouse heated by wood stove, in our front yard. They had asbestos removed and had it knocked down and the ground leveled a week after we moved in. Evan kept it a surprise which was such a nice surprise indeed!

We were sitting in the dirt for a while before our deck was built which was nice but we realized the days of summer were passing by and after we got the basics in, even before the toilet, we finished the deck. 

This was taken the Fall! 

And Christmas time! We were having a bonfire on the deck and of course our Christmas tree could only fit outside. Also, it lasted 2 months and when we went to get rid of it, it was still green and no needles had fallen off! Think about that for next Christmas.

What we didn't expect was how tired we were, physically and emotionally. With any big project, it is worth taking the time during to be mindful of how you're feeling. Also, it is important to debrief after the fact and see how far you've come and to also relax and enjoy!

Stay tuned for our tH interview on our initial impressions, what we've learned, and what's happening now!