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Interior Part 2

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Now where were we? 

We had decided what stain we wanted and spent a whole Saturday also laying the floor. The flooring we got is a good story. I (Kelsey) was painting a new construction home in White Rock. They had finished with the vinyl planking they had and my boss asked what they were going to do with the extra pieces. They said throw them out and I asked if I could take them! But there wasn't enough for 250 sqft. so I asked if it was possible to order more and the contractor said yes, and with his discount. So we now had expensive vinyl planking with a discount. Also he ordered one box too many so he gave that one for free. Doesn't hurt to ask. Evan bought earth friendly flooring glue and it was a long day but by the end (with some mishaps) our house had clothes on. 

Looks good right! 

We were getting very tired by this point. We were both working very hard at our jobs and on this house. We had originally said we would move out July 1 but we needed more time and since our landlords had found ppl who wouldn't move in until August, they said we could stay until then. But we didn't want to. So we made our deadline July 15. The weekend we had finished the flooring and ceiling was June 19 so it was coming up fast. Also during this time, we were selling our furniture, taking loads to thrift stores, and moving things slowly into Evan's shop. It was alot very fast. And we were thrilled and forgot what our life was like before starting this house. We had already bought all of our appliances (almost all on sale, thanks to Coast Wholesale Appliances) so the next step was fitting them in. Once we had them placed, Evan built the cabinets around them. Yes, Evan built the entire kitchen (shameless plug) countertops and all. We had wall space to build cabinets to the ceiling and painted the kitchen ceiling white. We didn't want white cabinets because it was it was all too white. So we bought Grassland Green from Sherwin - Williams and Evan built beautiful Varathaned dark espresso countertops. We had seen a tiny apartment interview in London and loved the design and colours. Window trim and baseboards went in. White tile backsplash for the kitchen and white and green tile in the shower. Things were taking shape.


Building a house isn't simple or straight forward. It was messy, complicated, and emotionally and physically tiring. But we were finally at a place, not finished, but at a place that we could set the date. We were moving in.

Tune in next time to see our final resting place, deck, what we didn't expect, and a rainbow.