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Winter in a tH

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Winter in a tH

Some might be wondering (or not) what it means to deals with cold weather in a home that doesn't have central air or knobs to turn up the thermostat. 

Well we have a few ways to combat these things but keep in mind, this works in our climate (Vancouver/Fraser Valley Rainforest). It rained 27/30 days in November, so really our biggest worry is remaining water tight (what, do we live in a ship?) This requires having some sort of covered entrance way BEFORE you get into the house. Mopping and wiping floors is not fun. Where do we hang wet garments that we just tracked in? Well you know our double door entrance? We created a custom coat hanger to remain for the Fall/Winter months and removable for the Spring and Summer. The window is blocked but no one is looking out at the puddles and mud. And it's hanging right beside the fireplace so easy access to heat. The Fraser Valley is very very moist. That is an understatement. That's why good heat solutions are crucial. No one wants to get mouldy. 

Our fireplace has been awesome but the weather has been very mild so far so we have a space heater that runs 24/7. Now that nights are getting frosty, the fireplace is a must. It's meant for 400 sq. ft. but we have 247.... hot! Something else people might prepare for is insulating water, electrical, and septic pipes. Freezing is a hard thing to reverse. Something else people might not know is keeping the space underneath your house heated. We have boarded/ insulated around the house. It keeps critters out and keeps freezing air from circulating under our feet. On freezing nights we turn the heater on under the house.

If that sounds like too much well, it seems a small price for owning your own home. Nothing beats a cozy spot to curl up in beside the fireplace! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!