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June / We're back / Happy New Year

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We are back! I know, I know, I can hear all of your complaining from here. We have been poked and prodded to return to this blog and now we have! (Without listening to the poking and prodding and coming on our own time cause we've been resting). 

New Year means reflecting on the last one and because the posts stopped, the reflecting is necessary. The posts will happen consecutively and finally with a big reveal at the end. Ta da!

I guess your really wanting to know if we finished it since it's been almost 8 months... and it's a new year... ok I'll tell you...

Yes and no.

Okay, so yes, of course! Have a little faith! But also, living in a home you are building around you takes time so there are like two things left but non - essential, I assure you.

So without further ado, we left off wondering if those cedar shakes would make a presence and they did! 

Yay! These cedar shakes were given to us for free by very lovely people and we wanted to pay homage to the coast! They were left overs from another project and we were happy to use the leftovers. We applied a clear coat of Varathane to preserve the colour. Evan also moved the house! Take a look.

Isn't it beautiful!? 

So the changes from the first picture to the second picture are these: Evan built doors ( They have inside window blinds and they are my favourite purchase!)  Also, he built a hut on the back to house our on - demand hot water tank and propane storage. That's another conversation. You can see an outside light fixture by the door, outside plug, and hood fan vent by the window where the stove will go.

Lastly but not leastly, the sky lights!

Evan had a wonderful helper! We were so excited for two sky lights and the one that doesn't open was cheaper so why not? I can tell you right now it was worth it for both as our house is flooded with light whether we are in winter or summer. We can see trees and stars and birds fly by and the snow falling. One time we had a cat and a duck get up there!

Until the next post, which is starting the interior! Electrics, insulation, painting, ceiling, and floor. Can't wait!

Also, please comment with any queries, now that we have time and aren't in the middle of building, please please contact us!