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Update: Exterior

Evan LambComment

So after that haul of five days in April, we had quite a break in between. We were both working on other things (like life) and were content to look at our house after work each day and dream.

This photo contains all of the windows put in, blue skinned, with flashing and a frame around the bottom, corners, and each window and the front door. It took Evan about three days. Kelsey came in and prepped and painted all of the frames with A-100 exterior Oxford white paint from Sherwin- Williams.

And tada! You have no idea what I'm talking about but after Evan installed the loft ( so cosy by the way) underneath, where the bathroom is going, was so dark and dingy, we were not satisfied without ventilation and light in the pooper room (too much?). We weren't stressed though, we didn't even make a plan to buy a window, let alone even look into it. It was when Evan was walking through the window aisle at Home Depot to get somewhere else that he found this 18x30 window and said, "I must have this window". He asked a helpful person what the price was because he didn't see one on there. The guy said 74$. Evan thought that as fine, seeing as he budgeted under 100$ for a bathroom window. He went to the till and the lady said, "That will be 104$". Evan said, "No, the guy said 74$".  The cashier called for the manager windows or something, and he had a puzzled look on his face. The manager said, "I'll be right back." Meanwhile, a line was forming behind him as long as the Mississipi. But he was patient to see what the manager would say. The manager came back and told Evan that it was the strangest thing but that window had never been ordered into the store, there was no number anywhere in the system for it, and he had no idea how it got there so Evan could have it for 50$. That was one wonderful little window that now rests in our home and we are very happy about it. 

Close up.

Where's Waldo?

I'm in one corner and Evan is in the other. You be the judge if it is too small or not. Walking inside is a whole other experience. Seeing on the outside is breathtaking but walking in just feels like home. We both watched a thousand tH videos and never could imagine what it would be like to walk around and draw plans and see for ourselves what living there could be like. We are very excited!

We didn't have a concrete idea on what we wanted for the exterior but it came together quite nicely. White trim was obvious for some reason. We wanted it to be bright and light feeling, like it will be on the inside.

The paint colour was inspired by a house on our street. One day after work I (Kelsey) went up to the house, hoping they would help us with a sample or a colour name or something, and I was in all of my painting gear, even with white spray on my face, and I knocked on the door. The lady of the house said hello, and as I was telling her what I was there for, she turned around with a, "hold on", and came back with a chunk of her house in her hands! She even took my number to get a quote for the interior someday. So, the moral is, it never hurts to ask.

The panels, yes they are fake panels, plywood on the back with printed wood on the front. Most people use this stuff for sheds or garages. I had a moment of panic that our house was going to look like a garden shed but it there is still more to be done. The colour is a grayish green, very calming we both thought and Evan just finished putting all of them on today (May 5th). I don't have a picture of the front door sadly. We are in the process of getting it moved away from the other barn beside it because we can barely fit a ladder between them, let alone appliances, tools, etc. So until then, you must be satisfied with the more boring side. 

It does look beautiful, doesn't it?

Where you still see the tyvek wrap will be going cedar shingles! Left overs from a friend's project. What we've really seen and appreciated is people giving us their leftovers/ tail ends of projects and as we know, a little goes a long way in tH building. So the exterior has costed around 1500 and it couldn't get better then that really. 

The windows really pop because of the grey exterior but inside the house, they are white. We have also decided on putting in two skylights! Not just one above our bed, but also one above the entrance to really make the building feel tall and open. This one won't open but the one in the loft will for a fire escape / romantic stargazing.

Big. News. Told our landlords that we are moving out July 1st. Crunch time!

Next will be finishing up the exterior, front door building, and construction finally moving inside!