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Bits and Bobs

Evan LambComment

So since buying the trailer in January 2016 until now, we have been hunting for deals. 

There was that one time when Kelsey desired a porcelain double sink from Ikea, but knowing it was too expensive, put the idea to rest. Evan suggested that they go to the Bathroom Event going on, and found the perfect bathroom sink and faucet for a steal! Evan then suggested that they go to the AS IS section, just to see what they could find. Low and behold, the magical porcelain double sink was there! 50% off! With nothing wrong! *Except missing the sink trap, it was perfection* 

They asked the cashier if this was for real, and surely it was. They then proceeded to start the car!

There was another time when they were looking for sky lights but realized the cost was monumental and forgot about it for a while. Then Kelsey came upon a 60$ skylight at Surrey New & Used. So now they have a skylight.

Stay tuned for more stories like these!