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April 6-10

Evan Lamb1 Comment

So much has happened folks! It has been a whirlwind of a time! It was five days of family, pizza, beer, sun, and a tiny house coming to life. We want to send a big shout out to all of those who came by and sweated and worked along side of us, you know who you are! We would not have got this far without you. Without further ado, here are some shots!


April 6: This looks like nothing but it was a whole day effort. We went out the night before and bought materials to start the build (There will be a post on specific materials later). On the outside of the trailer, you can see that we extended the size so the walls would sit on the farthest edge around the whole trailer, in order to give us extra space inside. Evan welded two metal studs close to the tongue of the trailer to add strength under the outside supports. 

Drilling into metal is hard! It took all day. Once the outside beams were complete, we moved to the subfloor supports and drilled about 24 holes directly into the trailer, in order to then support the subfloor beams. Both lengths were 23 inches from the outside edge of the trailer. 


April 7: We woke up and headed back to our trailer! Next we built three supports - from the trailer end to the wheel well, between the wheel wells and the last one from the wheel well to the trailer tongue. You can see here we used DuroFoam Insulation, a styrofoam insulation, 3 inches thick. We attached metal brackets every two to three rows for support. 


At the end of the day, we had this! So in all it took 12 hours to build. We aren't ones to brag but not a lot of people do this part very quickly or with ease. We've watched many a video, wincing at people's designs and materials. Two things we did not include in the floor build is flashing and poly. Many people using flashing as a way to prevent debris from flying up into their trailer as they travel. We aren't travelling with our home unless to move it so we opted out. We also didn't cover the insulation with poly because recent studies have come out showing that poly is the cause of mould and mildew in Fraser Valley homes and contractors are slowly opting out of it being used. We also didn't cover the under side of the insulation because this Durofoam brand styrofoam is maximum water repellent as well as a host of other things and mice won't make a home out of it. 

April 8: I (Kelsey) was not there on Friday but I have pictures to prove the progress!



April 9: Saw alot of progress and we got alot of help! All of the walls were finished, windows framed, roof joists and shingles got half way done!


How many family members can you fit on a tiny house roof? More than three!


This is to show the pitch of the roof..s


April 10: Everyone came and pitched in again, so appreciated! The roof was shingled, the walls sheeted and the house was giftwrapped and ready to go! Our goal was to waterproof and that's what we did!


All in all, to have a house shell up in five days was shocking to the system. Here we were, just hoping to get it sheeted and now it's waterproofed and sitting pretty after a year and a half of dreaming. Without the tremendous help from our people, we couldn't have done this without you! Thank you! And now here are some extra photos:

Bonus* Evan got the windows in on April 11! Pictures to come!